About Us

About Us:

Bonita Interiors is the brainchild of Angela Dickerson. Angela is a self-taught and now represented artist, born and raised into the vibrant cultural milieu of Los Angeles. Evolving from humble origins, Bonita has burgeoned into a captivating MOTHER DAUGHTER VENTURE

At Bonita Interiors, we espouse the belief that exemplary design transcends mere aesthetics; it is the discerning realization of a space's inherent potential. Our aesthetic ethos is characterized by a distinctive interplay of bold, eclectic textures, and chromatic symphonies, infusing every interior with a tantalizing dash of verve and vivacity. Specializing in interior design, fine arts, and vintage accoutrements, our expansive repertoire offers a plethora of meticulously curated merchandise for sale. This is our collection of Objects for the soul.