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Jae Charmichael Ink Expressionist Sketch

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This is a Black ink abstract sketch by the artist , “Jae Charmichael” in 1959. Carmichael was a member of the American Watercolor Society, a director of the California Watercolor Society and the Pasadena School of Fine Arts, as well as the founding director of the Pacificult Asian Museum.

Carmichael’s work has been featured in many impressive solo and group exhibitions worldwide, and can be found in permanent collections throughout the country. The use of black ink in this specific piece gives the work a stark and bold quality, with the deep, dark tones adding a sense of depth and dimensionality to the otherwise flat cream surface.

The artist's confident, gestural strokes convey a sense of spontaneity and energy, capturing the essence of the woman in a way that is both expressive and dynamic.


23.5 x 20 inches 


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