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Brutalist Bronze Women Figure Bust

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Crafted during the mid-20th century, this bronze sculpture/bust showcases a mesmerizing women nude figure, meticulously cast in bronze to capture the grace and beauty of the human form. The artist's attention to detail is evident in the meticulously sculpted contours and delicate features, creating a piece that exudes both strength and vulnerability.

The sculpture's distinctive Brutalist influence is apparent in its raw, textured surface, which adds depth and character to the artwork. The rough, angular edges and the juxtaposition of smooth and weathered finishes evoke a sense of boldness and authenticity, capturing the essence of the Brutalist movement.

To enhance its presence and connection with nature, the bronze nude is elegantly presented on a clay base. The teal tone and natural textures of the clay provide a grounding element, harmonizing with the organic beauty of the figure and inviting a deeper appreciation of the sculpture's overall composition.


Height: 17 inches

Width: 7 inches 

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